Service Awards

Distinguished Graduate and Postdoctoral Mentorship Award

These faculty awards are offered to recognize the vital role mentoring plays in the academic and professional development of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at the University of California, Davis. 

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Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Awards

Graduate advising and mentoring are vital for guiding students through their degrees and professional development, while also helping to ensure their overall success and well-being. Graduate Studies is launching a series of new graduate advising and mentoring initiatives to promote and develop good mentoring for graduate students. We have created the Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Awards to provide graduate programs with an easy way to recognize faculty doing outstanding service in advising and mentoring at the program level.

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Outstanding Graduate Program Coordinator Award

Graduate Studies recognizes the vital role graduate program coordinators play in supporting UC Davis graduate students. Graduate program coordinators are often a graduate student’s first point of contact and can advise students on nearly every aspect of the graduate program from orientation to graduation. They also provide an invaluable role in directing graduate students to personal and professional resources that help them successfully fulfill their academic goals.

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