Graduate Anti-Racism Symposium

2nd Annual Graduate Anti-Racism Symposium
May 12 - 13, 2022

Co-sponsored with the UC Davis Diversity, Equity & Inclusion's Office of Academic Diversity, this year's Graduate Anti-Racism Symposium will occur over two days. 

The first day is an all-virtual morning session of roundtable talks and presentations. The second day is an in-person lunchtime workshop for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from all departments on campus. The workshop will provide a platform to candidly converse about experiencing, dealing with, and managing racism in the classroom whether it is directed towards instructors, TAs, undergraduate students of color, or members of marginalized groups. The goal is to work in the community and provide tangible tools for teaching under hostile circumstances. 

Day 1: Remote Sessions Open to the Public 

Thursday, May 12 | 9-11 a.m.

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Session 1: Sustaining and Advancing Anti-Racism Roundtable
  • Associate Dean and Professor Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor, Moderator
  • Professor Dawn Sumner, “Evolving Toward Anti-Racist Mentoring”
  • Dr. Rachel Stumpf and Michelle Rossi, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, “Sparking Change: Foundations of Anti-racist teaching”
  • Dr. Sarah McCullough, “Asking Different Questions in Research as Anti-Racist Practice”
  • Professor Brian Trainor, “Graduate Student Contributions to DEI in Psychology”
  • Professor Puja Chadha and Professor Colleen Sweeney, “Preparing Faculty to Teach the Next generation of Diverse Physicians”
  • Jade Yonehiro and Diego Placido, graduate students in Psychology, “Holding Graduate Programs Accountable in Combating Systemic Racism through the Implementation of the Racial Justice Report Card”
Session 2: An HSI for Graduate Education Panel Presentation
  • Joseph Martinez, Director of the Cross Cultural Center, Moderator
  • Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Diversity and Professor Lorena Oropeza - “Research I HSI: What Does That Mean for UC Davis?”
  • Dr. Josephine Moreno, Graduate Diversity Officer - "Graduate Students & Postdocs: Critical Participants For A Successful HSI Serving Campus"
  • César Hoyos Alvárez, Doctoral Student in Spanish - “Supporting bilinguals' emotional well-being in the language classroom at UC Davis”

Day 2: In-Person Workshop for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Friday, May 13 | 11 a.m.-2 p.m. | Gibeling Room, Walker Hall 1220 | Lunch will be provided. RSVP by Tuesday, May 10.

*Please note: This event at capacity and closed to new registrants

Racism and Anti-Racism in the Classroom

Facilitated by Professor Lorena Márquez, this 3-hour workshop exclusively for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars will have three main components: 1) presentations of on-campus resources available to graduate student teaching assistants and instructors that help them navigate hostile classroom situations; 2) discussion sessions in which graduate students will look at hostile classroom scenarios and brainstorm with their peers how to best resolve these issues; and 3) a debriefing session outlining possible outcomes for future gatherings that continue to address anti-racism in the classroom. While we recognize that university campuses are not always safe havens for students of color and other marginalized communities, our goal is to come away with a better understanding of how to best cope and heal in community. Lunch will be served, space is limited, so please reserve your spot by Tuesday, May 10.

About the Graduate Anti-Racism Symposium

2022 Planning Committee Members:
  • Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor, Professor, Department of History and Associate Dean of Students and Postdoctoral Scholars for UC Davis Graduate Studies
  • Erum Abbasi Syed, Executive Assistant Dean, UC Davis Graduate Studies
  • Josephine Moreno, Graduate Diversity Officer for Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education, UC Davis Graduate Studies
  • Lorena Márquez, Assistant Professor, Chicana/o Studies
  • Lorena Oropeza, Professor, Department of History and Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Diversity
  • Ingrid Sub Cuc, Doctoral student in Native American/Indigenous Studies
  • Thomas O’Donnell, Analyst, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,

UC Davis Graduate Studies opposes racial bias in any part of graduate education and training, and yet acknowledges that racism has shaped the development of academic research, methods of training graduate students and postdocs, and the make-up of faculty, students, and postdoctoral scholars.  Such bias has limited who has access to the development of human knowledge and has placed limits on that knowledge. The division, therefore, commits to re-envisioning graduate education and training that actively rejects racist assumptions and structures. As such, Graduate Studies and campus partners, including students, faculty, postdocs, and staff, have worked together on Graduate Studies Anti-Racism Initiative.

Held on May 6, 2021, the inaugural symposium highlighted best practices in anti-racist approaches to graduate education and was offered virtually to faculty, staff, and students. Speakers included a wide representation of members of the university community, including staff, faculty, graduate students, and campus leaders. 

Available recordings of breakout sessions of last year’s sessions can be found on our previous symposia page.