A bee sits on a sunflower on UC Davis' campus.

Thriving in Graduate School

Join Thriving in Graduate School to learn how to cultivate well-being in your personal, academic, and professional life. This year-long program includes a weekly newsletter and frequent in-person workshops and informal events. Graduate students can sign up at any time.

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You can also find Thriving in Graduate School on Slack! Search for the #thrivingingraduateschool channel.

By joining Thriving in Graduate School, you will:

  • Receive weekly emails with tips to help you incorporate well-being practices into your life
  • Learn tools for creating conditions for well-being, in addition to receiving resources that you can follow up with such as blogs, TEDTalks, and scholarly articles.
  • Be invited to bi-weekly community events to stay connected and share your experience with one another where we have a professional from the community speak on topics from the newsletters 
  • Attend community-building events such as hiking, exploring the Davis Farmer’s Market, and Trivia Night

Tips to help you thrive in graduate school:

  • Do at least one thing a day just to make you happy.
  • Forgive yourself for not being able to do everything and make sure to ask for help from your friends, family, and mentors if you need to.
  • Meet with friends regularly and have fun together. Sometimes the best thing you can do after a really busy day is watching a bad movie with friends.
  • Have fun moving your body (jogging, dancing, rock climbing, biking, gardening, etc.).
  • Meet with your mentor and the instructor you work to set up expectations for the upcoming quarter. Make sure to communicate your other responsibilities and personal needs.
  • Practice help-seeking behaviors. Use your resources and seek medical advice, when necessary.
  • Dedicate a specific hour at some point during the day to respond to students’ emails and claim the rest of your day.