Graduate Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements & Degree Milestones

The foundations for each degree level (masters or doctoral) and degree objective (MA, MS, PhD, EdD, etc.), are documented in the UC Davis Academic Senate Regulations.  The regulations include requirements and milestones that all students seeking that degree must complete.  Requirements refer to graduate student standards, including academic residence, minimum units, and the GPA minimum.  Degree milestones refers to benchmarks graduate students must pass as they progress, such as the doctoral qualifying exam, candidacy, and completing final requirements (thesis, dissertation, comprehensive exam, etc.).  

Program Degree Requirements

Each graduate program votes on and publishes degree requirements that describe the components, such as required coursework and examinations, that form the degree in that major area.  Current and previous graduate program degree requirements are available on each Program Page.  Graduate students typically use the most current version of the degree requirements available when they started the program.  If program requirements change or when students readmit, students may opt to continue using the requirements in use when they began, or they may use the new requirements.  In either case, the selected set of requirements must be completed in full.  The Graduate Chair, Graduate Advisors, and Graduate Coordinator are responsible for introducing students to and advising them through their program requirements, and many programs develop a student handbook, degree checklists, and program of study forms based on the requirements.  

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