GradPathways Institute for Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

The Importance of Professional Development

Research skills and discipline-specific knowledge is only one aspect of your professional preparation at UC Davis.  Developing and enhancing professional skills beyond your area of specialization is essential for your success at UC Davis and in your chosen career path. 

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As the cornerstone of Graduate Studies’ innovative approach to 21st-century preparation, the GradPathways Institute (GPI) seeks to ensure that all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars receive equitable access to the preparation they need to succeed in their chosen career paths and in their programs of study.  Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in all fields face an increasingly complex and rapidly changing academic environment and career search. To make the most of the myriad of career opportunities available to them, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars must complement their academic training by building their professional skills such as strong communication, strategic planning, and leadership.  The GPI offers enhanced development opportunities through its programming and in through its partnerships with campus content experts.  The GPI is located on the 1st floor of the Graduate Center in Walker Hall.

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Graduate Studies is the home of the GradPathways Institute. GPI is supported through a combination of candidacy fees and donor sponsorship. Programming for each competency is provided through the Institute and in partnership with UC Davis campus units.