Graduate Center North Side

About the Facility

The Graduate Center at Walker Hall opened in 2021 to promote interdisciplinary interactions and build community by serving students and postdoctoral scholars. The Graduate Center houses a variety of spaces including office space, a quiet writing room, a parent study room, informal interaction areas, small meeting rooms and conference rooms for graduate student events. In addition, the Graduate Center will provide access to a variety of graduate student services, including the GradPathways Institute for Professional Development, diversity resources, counseling, and advising. Please see the detailed list of facilities and building tenants below.


  • Meeting Rooms (1003, 1004, 1212, 1136)
  • There are four meeting rooms (Abbasi -1136, Greenwood-Johnson -1003, Lee -1004, Lewin -1212). These rooms accommodate up to six individuals for small meetings. When there is no reservation, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars can use these rooms for shared study (see our shared study guidelines). Each meeting room is equipped with a whiteboard, 55" televisions, and video conferencing soundbars. Please see our facility use guidelines for reservation policies and our tiered reservation timelines.
  • Timm Parent Study Room (1202)
  • There is one dedicated parent meeting room that graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with children can reserve at no cost. Drop-in use is available to all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars but prioritized for student parents. This room is equipped with a whiteboard, two 55" televisions (one for children, HDMI available for devices), and one video conferencing soundbar. Additionally, there is a small children's table/play area. UC Davis coloring pages + crayons are also provided. Please see our facility use guidelines for reservation policies and our tiered reservation timelines. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior. Do not leave your children unattended. If an unsupervised child comes to the attention of building personnel, UC Davis Police will be contacted. No childcare is provided. 
  • Conference Rooms (1130, 1220, 1230)
  • There are three conference rooms (Gibeling -1220, West -1230, and East -1130) that are available for reservations. Each conference room is equipped with large displays, and video conference systems. Please see our facility use guidelines for reservation policies and our tiered reservation timelines. 
  • Loury Collaborative Studio (1120)
  • The Loury Collaborative Studio provides space for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to engage in collaborative and planning activities such as career studios, meet-ups, and brainstorming sessions to foster creative, cross-disciplinary interactions - particularly those that support professional and career development. The LCS will be reserved for students and postdocs participating in the following cohort-based programs to enhance their professional and career development: Professors for the Future; Leaders for the Future; and Graduate Writing Fellows. This space will not be available for online reservation. For more information about the use of this space, please contact the GradPathways Institute for Professional Development.
  • Graduate Commons (1210)
  • The Graduate Commons serves as the heart of the Graduate Center, providing community space for up to 100 individuals. Mixed seating options provide ample space for studying, small informal meetings, and social interaction. A public microwave is also available for use. The Commons will not be available for online reservations, as space is prioritized for informal interaction space and building tenant events.
  • Quiet Writing Room (1240)
  • The Quiet Writing Room is reserved for shared study at all times. This room will not be available for reservation. The room provides quiet writing and study space for up to 25 students. The room is mixed with sofa and table seating with built-in power. The room's sprawling windows look over the Student Community Center's fountain providing a relaxing study space.
  • Joseph Event Kitchen (1203)
  • The kitchen is available for special event reservations with any Conference Room in the Graduate Center. The kitchen provides catering prep space including a sink, microwave, dishwasher, and access to a shared refrigerator. Please note that the kitchen is not available to the public and requires a reservation for special event use.
  • Lactation Room (1204)
  • The Graduate Center is fortunate to have a lactation room (1204). UC Davis affiliation and registration are required for use as this room is not for public use.  
  • Walker Hall Classrooms (1310, 1320, 1330)
  • Graduate Studies does not oversee the use of the general classrooms in Walker Hall. The Office of the Registrar manages the use of these classrooms. For reservation information, please see the Office of the Registrar’s website. Special event reservations for classrooms are managed by Conference and Event Services.

Building Tenants

Graduate Studies

  • GradPathways Institute
  • The GradPathways Institute for Professional Development serves all UC Davis graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.  GradPathways is designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars succeed both at UC Davis and in their chosen career paths. GradPathways is a nationally recognized effort that has served thousands of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars since its inception in 2004.

    Over 200 workshops, seminars, and panel discussions are offered throughout the year through partnerships between Graduate Studies and other campus units, including the Internship and Career Center, the Center for Educational Effectiveness, the University Writing Program, Counseling Services, the Graduate School of Management, and the Mike and Renee Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

  • Graduate Studies Offices
  • The Graduate Center is home to Graduate Studies. The Vice Provost & Dean's office suite is the entire second floor of the facility. Several student-facing staff offices are located on the first floor.

Graduate Student Association

  • Graduate Student Pantry
  • Please see the Graduate Student Association's website for more information. Room (1213) 
  • Graduate Student Association Office
  • The Graduate Student Association (GSA) administrative office is located on the first floor of the Graduate Center in room 1214. For more information about the GSA, please see their website.

Postdoctoral Scholars Association

  • Postdoctoral Scholar Association Office
  • The Postdoctoral Scholar Association (PSA) administrative office is located on the first floor of the Graduate Center in room 1211. For more information about the PSA, please see their website.