Requesting a Leave Accommodation

How to Request a Leave: Students Employed as a TA, AI, Reader or Tutor (ASE) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

Please review the general requirements for leave accommodation and types of leave available
prior to submitting a leave request. 

Whenever possible, requests for leave should be submitted to the hiring unit(s) at least 30 days in advance of their start date, and shall be made in writing with information about the nature of the leave and probable duration. The student employee will be required to provide appropriate documentation. While it is the University’s responsibility to make arrangements for coverage, the student employee will assist as is reasonably possible. In order to ensure proper coverage for leaves other than long-term leaves, student employees are expected to contact the supervisor to request leave as soon as the need for the leave becomes known but not less than one (1) working day in advance of the commencement of the leave unless the leave is for an unanticipated personal or family illness or bereavement.

Student: To request leave, the student completes their portion of the Leave Accommodation Request Form and submits all required documentation, including the Medical Certification, to the home department for approval. If the student has not yet received the Medical Certification, he/she should still submit the request form as soon as possible.

Department: For leaves seven (7) days or less, the home department retains all forms and there is no requirement to input the approved leave into the payroll system. For approved leaves greater than seven (7) days, the home department is responsible for entering the leave into the payroll system using the appropriate leave code (see instructions on leave request form); the department provides copies to Graduate Studies for record-keeping purposes. When a student holds multiple appointments in more than one unit and/or over multiple terms, only one leave request should be completed and filed with the home department (primary appointment). The home department will take the lead role in coordinating the leave administration with the alternate departments.

How to Request a Leave: Students on Internal & External Fellowships

Students supported by university fellowships will experience no change in their funding during an approved leave provided under this policy. To maintain fellowship eligibility, students must be registered, enrolled, maintain a minimum of 12 units, and meet the minimum 3.0 GPA criteria established by the Graduate Council. Students on PELP or Filing Fee do not meet the registered status requirement. Students who do not meet the minimum requirements are subject to withdrawal of their fellowship support. Students supported by fellowships from granting agencies external to UC Davis must adhere to the rules of the granting agency in regard to leaves. If the external agency defers to university policy regarding leave, as provided under this policy, the fellowship funding will not be interrupted. If the external agency requires suspension of payment during the leave period, the student may be eligible for substitute payment from the Leave Accommodation Fund for the duration of the approved leave.

A student on fellowship should confer with their graduate program staff coordinator and complete the Leave Accommodation Request Form and submit it to Graduate Studies. Graduate Studies will ensure eligibility requirements are met and enter the leave in BANNER.


Students should direct questions first to their hiring department staff or graduate program coordinator. Staff should contact Tracey Pereida in Graduate Studies: