Academic Student Employee Workload

Academic Student Employee Workload

According to Article 34 of the Academic Student Employee Contract, Teaching Assistants with 50% appointments cannot exceed the quarterly maximum of 220 hours. The quarterly maximum number of hours scales with the % appointment (e.g. the quarterly max is 110 hours for a 25% appointment).

Regardless of the % appointment, TA’s

  • Cannot work more than 40 hours/week
  • Cannot work more than 8 hours/day
  • Cannot work in excess of 20 hours/week for more than 50 hours/quarter.  

Readers and tutors are compensated on an hourly basis.

  • They cannot be assigned a workload of more than 40 hours in any one week
  • They cannot be assigned to work more than eight (8) hours in any one day.

As usual, TAs should initiate discussions with their supervisor as soon as they anticipate any workload related issues that would result in a violation of the above. But supervisors should proactively communicate with their TAs their expectations (within the maxima listed above) for the rest of the quarter and confirm those in writing.