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Fall Fellowship Stipend Payments

Fall Fellowship Stipends Payment Schedule

Beginning Fall Quarter 2021, UC Davis academic graduate students, who are awarded a monthly fellowship stipend, will receive a total of four stipend payments between late September and late December. 

Students receiving fellowship stipends in Fall will receive four equal monthly payments. You can check the payment schedule on the fellowship stipend disbursement dates page

Previously, Fall stipends were paid in three, equal, monthly payments beginning on November 1st. However, this created a hardship for new students or students who did not receive summer support. Because the stipend payments will be smaller, it is important for students to budget carefully during Fall Quarter. The first fellowship stipend date for winter will be February 1st.

This change will impact any graduate student who is receiving an internal or external fellowship stipend paid via Banner/Student Accounting. For example, an internal fellowship awarded by a graduate program or Graduate Studies, or an external fellowship, such as the NSF GFRP.

This permanent change to the disbursement schedule only applies to Fall Quarter. Fellowship stipend disbursements will still be paid over three monthly installments in Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters. The full academic year disbursement schedule is available here.

Disbursement Schedule

For students enrolled in direct deposit, stipends are disbursed to their UC Davis student account on the date specified on the Fellowship Stipend Disbursement Dates. However, it can take a financial institution three to four business days to deposit the Electronic Funds Transfer into a personal account. While the four monthly disbursement dates are intended to equate to October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, and January 1st, the actual disbursement dates have been adjusted to accommodate weekends and holidays.

View the Fellowship Stipend Disbursement Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are different forms of financial support being paid differently in Fall 2021? Why is everyone not receiving funding on October 1?
  • Graduate students receive financial support from different fund sources which have different methods of payment. This change only impacts students who are receiving stipend fellowships paid through Student Accounting. It should be noted that the four fellowship stipend disbursement dates do not apply to students who are receiving employment salary as Graduate Student Researchers, Teaching Assistants, Readers, or being paid directly from a sponsor. Not sure if you have a fellowship? Check in with your graduate program coordinator.
  • Does this mean I am getting paid less?
  • No, you will still receive the same total stipend amount for the quarter, but the total will be divided into four equal monthly payments, rather than three equal monthly payments. You may need to adjust your budget to account for this difference. If you are receiving a one-time payment, you will receive your full stipend payment for the Fall Quarter on the first disbursement date.
  • Will I continue to receive four equal monthly payments in Winter and Spring Quarters?
  • No, this change is only for the Fall Quarter. Winter and Spring will continue to be disbursed in three, equal, monthly payments. The full disbursement schedule may be found here.
  • How does this impact me if I am receiving a Summer fellowship stipend and a Fall fellowship stipend?
  • You may receive two refunds in September from Student Accounting – the last monthly payment of your Summer fellowship and the first monthly payment or one-time payment for your Fall fellowship.
  • How will I receive my fellowship funds?
  • All stipend fellowships are paid as refunds from Student Accounting. You should be sure to sign up for direct deposit. Please note, this is a separate direct deposit process than the one you may have completed for UC PATH (employment payroll). Not into direct deposit? You will need to email Student Accounting at to confirm if your check is at their office (Dutton Hall) or to request that your check be mailed to you.
  • I received two checks in September. Did I get paid correctly?
  • If you also had a Summer fellowship, then most likely, yes, you did get paid correctly. The last summer fellowship stipend payment date is only a few days before the first fall fellowship stipend payment date. You should also check in with your graduate program coordinator if you are unsure.
  • I think something went wrong, who can I talk to?
  • You should first contact your Graduate Program Coordinator or the campus unit that offered you the fellowship. If you are still unable to determine what went wrong, email
  • As a Graduate Coordinator, do I have to enter fellowships earlier or do anything differently?
  • No, the system will automatically convert all Fall stipend payments to four equal monthly payments. However, it is important to make sure that fee awards and fee remissions have been posted to the student’s account before the first disbursement date as the stipend may be applied towards fees. You should also be sure to communicate to your students about this change in disbursement dates.

Who To Contact

If you have additional questions or suspect there is a problem, contact your Graduate Program Coordinator or the campus unit that offered you the fellowship. If you are still unable to determine what is wrong, email